How To Submit Tax Information Form In Google AdSense For Youtube & Blog

By | December 4, 2021

How To Submit Tax Information Form In Google AdSense For Youtube & Blog

If you are a Pakistani Youtuber and your channel is monetized or you have any earning app from Google AdSense then Google deducts the 24%-30% on the basis of US traffic and views.

According to US Tax law, youtube is responsible to collect the tax from outside of US countries who creating their content on the youtube site. The Tax will be deducted only on the basis of the US views or traffic at your youtube channels.

The US authority has sent the notification to all of their users of tax submit information form for YouTubers and bloggers. If your country is a tax treaty with the US then Google will deduct 24% from your US-based views earnings.

If your country isn’t tax treaty with the US then Google will also cut the 24% tax if you submit a tax information form before the 31st May of 2021.

How To Submit Tax Information Form In Google AdSense For Youtube & Blog

Every Youtuber has been notified through an email to ask to fill the tax submit information form in Google Adsense. The last date of the tax submission information form is 31st May 2021.

Let’s move on to the Step-by-Step procedure of tax submit information form in Google Adsense.

At your Google Adsense account, a notification message will be shown on your screen


From your notification icon, click on the “Manage info tax”

Now click on the “Add Tax Info” button


After that, a form will be open on your screen.

Now you have to choose the option about what type of account you have individual or business

Select the individual option and then click on the “next” button


After that, you have to select the option “No” if you are not a citizen of the United States

Now you have to select the tax form from two options one is for individuals and the second one is for business tax purposes, select the W-8BEN Tax Form if you are an individual and non-citizen of the US


After selecting the tax form, click on the “Start with W-8BEN FORM” button

After that tax form requirements will be shown on screen, your name will be shown and you have to fill the further requirements including entering your country

Enter the “country name Pakistan” if you are from Pakistan otherwise select your country name from the available options

Now enter the “foreign TIN” (Tax Identification Number) number according to your country


The Pakistanis will enter CNIC number as a foreign TIN number while Indian will use PAN (Permanent Account Number) number as foreign TIN

After entering a CNIC number click on the “Next” button

Now enter the same address that you enter at the time of applying for Google Adsense account


Tick on the same postal address and then click on the “Next” button

After that on the tax treaty page click on the “yes” option, then also click on the resident of the country claiming with Us Option


Choose your country again


Select the service of Adsense and fill the other requirement which will be available in option


Then select the second option Motion Tv and Picture and fill its requirements same method


And for the third option other copyright it has also the same method


After entering the requirements click on the “Next” button

Now your tax will be ready and after that, you have to tick on the option to confirm that you viewed your generated tax form and then on “Next” 


Enter your full legal name from your CNIC


Click on the “yes” option and hit the “Next” button

Then on the next page click on the “NO” option if you are outside of the US


Now choose the first option if you don’t receive any amount from Google Adsense yet

Otherwise, choose the second option if you received the money from your Google Adsense account


In the end, you have to click on the “submit” button

If you do everything right by following these steps then your page will look like that.


Here you can check the list of countries that are tax treaties with the US:


Benefits Of Submitting Tax Information Form In Google Adsense: 

When you will submit the tax information form in Google Adsense it would be beneficial for you. Because of that, your tax will deduct 24% only from the US-based traffic or views. Before going to the worst side of tax, you must fill up this form before its last date.

Disadvantages Of Not Submitting The Tax Form:

If you don’t submit the tax form before the 31st May of 2021 your 24% tax will be deducted from the whole earnings of your Google Adsense account. It could be worse if your tax will be deducted from the whole amount rather than deducted from the only US traffic earning.

So don’t feel easy while not submitting the tax form in Google Adsense.


For which platform this tax information form is?

This tax information form is for the Youtuber and blogger earnings.  You can submit the information form in the Google Adsense for youtube & blog earnings by following the above mention steps.

Why should we fill the tax information form in Google Adsense?

It is confirmed that you must have to pay the tax whether you fill the tax form or not. If you fill the tax information form your 24% tax will be deducted only from the Us-based earning. Similarly, if you don’t fill the tax information form your tax will be deducted from the whole amount.

What is the foreign TIN number?

Foreign TIN is also known as Tax Identification Number and for Pakistanis, their CNIC number will be a foreign TIN number.

For Indians, their foreign TIN number is their PAN (Permanent Account Number).

If you still feel any confusion you can watch this video with a complete guide: