Facebook Launched New Instagram Lite with just 2MB runs on 2G networks

By | December 4, 2021

Facebook Launched New Instagram Lite with just 2MB runs on 2G networks

Facebook Launched New Instagram Lite with just 2MB runs on 2G networks

Facebook has been testing Instagram Lite for some time, but now they have officially launched the application. The new Instagram Lite app is less data-intensive and uses fewer resources of mobile so that users can utilize its features even if they are living in a low-band connectivity area.


The app is just 2MB in size because in this app data-rich animations and other heavy features were cut off. Moreover, Instagram Lite does not consist of any cube transitions and AR filters which are more data usage. The Instagram Lite app developers have almost inserted the same GIF stickers in this app which can be used in stories.

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The Instagram Lite has also a dark mode feature for mobile users. The dark mode feature switches the white background-color into black background color and makes the text color grey. According to Facebook, people living in the shared areas and nearby will be able to browse “more privately and not bother those around them”.


Instagram Lite is providing its services in more than 170 countries and the user can download this app from the Google Play store now. According to Facebook promises, Instagram Lite will soon available all over the world.

WhatsApp is testing the messages disappearing feature that the message will automatically destruct after 24 hours. This announcement was made by the WABetainfo on its Twitter on the day of Saturday.


WhatsApp will let the user that he/she can set the messages to disappear after 24 hours. WhatsApp has made already an announcement a month ago to launch the feature of messages disappear after 7 days. This new announcement of the Whatsapp message disappearing setting after 24 hours caused confusion because most people know its 7 days disappearing message feature and now they are introducing after 24 hours.

WhatsApp is going to introduce its message disappearing feature very soon. WABetainfo declared on their Twitter what’s this new feature will work. “WhatsApp is testing the ability to set messages to disappear after 24 hours,” said WEBetainfo on Twitter.


Moreover, they said on their Twitter  “to avoid misinformation, WhatsApp already supports disappearing messages for a few months: check out the contact/group info. If you enable this feature, messages disappear after 7 days.

WhatsApp is currently testing a different expiration now and this test is under development.”

This feature will be the first time for messaging apps but other social media apps have already this future. Like in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have the features to disappear the uploaded content after 24 hours.

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This feature is still under the testing phase and we don’t know when this message disappearing feature will be rolled out because WhatsApp didn’t give any statement about this feature yet. If we will find any update about this  WhatsApp feature, we will update here.

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Whichever communication application you use for messaging on your mobile, you may have likely more used WhatsApp for texting or other instant messaging.  Since its launch, it has become increasingly popular amongst every age user who uses smartphones and is looking for something better than standard SMS and MMS messaging services. WhatsApp is always working on something to provide its users unique features. Now the WhatsApp may add a new of disappearing messages soon.


In last year WhatsApp announced the disappearing message feature after 7 days. But now according to the leak discovered by enthusiastic fans of the platform, that will be expanded soon.  The upcoming versions of the feature with an additional 24-hour option were spotted during development.

About WhatsApp New Feature:

Webetainfo a dependable source for everything WhatsApp shows the decision in the iOS form of the application. While this has clearly been underway for longer than a month, the screenshot was the principal visual sign that it’s in transit. The information demonstrates that the more quick vanishing choice will be accessible on all WhatsApp stages, including Android. The 7-day decision will stay an alternative, however, it isn’t known whether the new setting will be accessible for group arbitrators.

Now the WhatsApp is testing the feature for group members to enable the message in android version When this feature will be enabled by any group member then his/her messages will disappear automatically.

Precisely when the 24-hour vanishing choice will show up wasn’t uncovered. Be that as it may, if it’s appearance up in a functioning UI, I had estimated it’s close to 2 or 3 months from arriving in a beta form. Accepting, obviously, that it makes it out of the testing stage.