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A system to control Robotic Arms based on augmented reality

For folks with motor impairments or physical disabilities, finishing daily tasks Associate in Nursingd housekeeping is unbelievably challenging. Recent advancements in robotics, reminiscent of brain-controlled robotic limbs, have the potential to considerably improve their quality of life. Researchers at Hopei University of Technology and alternative institutes in China have developed an innovative system for dominant robotic… Read More »

Google Maps Gets Dark Mode for iOS Users: How to Enable

In August, Google introduced its iOS Maps app could quickly be getting a darkish mode. But even though the characteristic completely released at the start of September, it arrived quietly sufficient that numerous Verge staffers hadn’t even observed its look till we commenced receiving in-app notices. If you’ve additionally been withinside the darkish, instead of… Read More »

Sense of touch reskin could help researchers discover

Picking up a blueberry or grape while not squishing it isn’t hard, however attempt teaching it to a robot. a similar goes for walking on ice, turning a key to unlock a door or change of state a favourite dish. once it involves the senses, bit remains a challenge for computing and artificial intelligence researchers.… Read More »

Speckle free holography for virtual displays

Virtual and increased reality headsets are designed to position wearers directly into different environments, worlds and experiences. whereas the technology is already widespread among customers for its immersive quality, there can be a future wherever the holographic displays look even a lot of like real life. In their own pursuit of those higher displays, the… Read More »